Frequent cleaning will prolong the life of stainless steel and help to keep the finish corrosion free. After each use, or monthly when not used:

  1. Rinse with clean fresh water and dry thoroughly
  2. Remove ordinary stains with mild soap and warm water. More stubborn stains can be removed with commercial grade cleaners suitable for use on stainless steel
  3. When cleaning off harsh stains ONLY rub in the direction of the polish lines or ‘grain’ of the steel. If especially rough cleaning is necessary, use ‘stainless’ steel wool or a nylon / plastic type scrubber. Do not use normal steel wool, as it will contaminate the finish and encourage rust
  4. Test these types of scrubbers in an inconspicuous area first as they could mark or scratch the barbeque finish. Scratches in the stainless steel only affect the appearance and in no way do they accelerate corrosion. Scratches can be blended back into the finish by gently rubbing with the grain, gradually decreasing pressure as you move away from the scratch
  5. Finish off with a Stainless Steel Cleaner and Polish to protect the stainless steel surface from corrosion and give it a polished shine